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Phyllis Wiltrout, FH Parade Grand Marshal 2022

A highlight of the holiday season in Fairfield Harbour is always the holiday parade. Traditionally, the highest honor is the selection of the Grand Marshal to lead the parade.

The Parade committee, which is comprised of several members, makes recommendations of worthy recipients and votes on selections. Gayle Albertini, parade chair, explained that the committee looks at significant contributions that a resident has made throughout the years and then selects a person or persons that they want to honor and thank. The nominee is selected on the basis of their contributions to improving life or helping other people in Fairfield Harbour and has shared a significant amount of their time and talent through personal achievements.

Since Fairfield Harbour has so many residents that meet these requirements it is always a difficult decision. This year there were two outstanding selections made by the committee and Phyllis Wiltrout and Ray Redniss will share the title of Grand Marshal and be at the head of the parade.

Phyllis Wiltrout was selected because of her work with Harbour Helpers over the past 15 years. Phyllis and her husband John have taken the concept of helping to a new level providing services for those that need a helping hand at Fairfield Harbour.

Many people here have called and received rides for appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands as well as those little things around the house that just need a neighbor’s hand like changing a lightbulb. Harbour Helpers has also provided an avenue for many volunteers to provide help to their neighbors. When how she felt about being named Grand Marshal Phyllis said, “I was overwhelmed and started to cry. I tell everyone about it and keep smiling when I think about it,” She is busy looking for a red hat to wear as she assumes her position of honor on Sunday, December 4. Congratulations, Phyllis, on a well-deserved award.

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