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Pet of the Month - SHILOH

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

His Name is Technicolor Flash; they called him Flash; I call him Shiloh, which means "The Gift." I bought Shiloh in February of 2017, and he is now 21. He is my second horse; the first was an imaginary one I owned at age two.

Shiloh is a registered red dun and white paint with two blue eyes and a friendly, laid-back personality. His pasture is next to the lesson ring, where he is boarded. All the lesson kids know his name! Why? Because Shiloh likes to play ball with his pasture buddy during their lessons and has become their photo opt! He also hangs his head over the gate when they pass, hoping they will pet him or give him a carrot!

Shiloh loves to trail ride, although he sometimes wants to return to the stable before the ride is finished and stops in the middle of the trail. The first time he did this, with all my efforts to move him on, I finally gave up and turned him around towards the barn, but I made him walk backward as we continued the trail until the end. It was a year before Shiloh tried that again.

Carrots and apples are Shiloh's favorite treats, but if he sees you share them with the farm dogs, he will pin his ears at the dogs for a very long time! He doesn't share very well except with his pasture mate. Shiloh and his pasture mate are nicknamed "The Buds" because they nap together, groom each other, play ball, and share hay. He is also a gentleman who will walk you to the gate alone.

Shiloh has won professional Apha show points, but I only showed him for fun. He stands there and watches when other horses act out in the ring. If he gets scared, he whimpers and spooks in place.

Shiloh has a jealous streak in him. After the group trail ride, I groomed him and put him back in his pasture. Then I walked back to the barn and held someone else's horse. Shiloh was so jealous he ran circles around his pasture and headed towards the gate, and luckily he did not jump! I had to get him out and show him he was still number one!

Over a year ago, I was gone for a long time due to unfortunate circumstances, and someone else was looking after him. My fear was he would be angry and ignore me. When I arrived, his head was up before I exited my car, and he spotted me and met me at the gate! To have an 1100-pound animal love you and trust you is more than words can describe. I wish he would fit on our boat and we could take him with us when we travel!

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