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  • Lisa Blumenschine

Neuse Riverkeeper Featured at August Meeting of Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

One of the featured speakers at the August program at Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club was Samantha Krop, the Neuse River Keeper from Sound Rivers, with an engaging report on the health of our waterways!

As riverkeeper, Samantha is a scientist, educator and advocate for the Neuse and its many tributaries.

The Neuse River, which runs 250 miles from Durham to the Pamlico Sound has been the source of drinking, water, food, and recreation for many communities in Eastern North Carolina. It is one of the widest rivers in the United States and longest rivers in North Carolina.

But for more than 30 years, issues related to agricultural runoff and industrial development caused fish kills and algae blooms. The Neuse was polluted to what seemed like such an irreparable level that it was named one of America’s most endangered rivers in 2007.

But no longer…

In 2022 the Neuse River was named the 2022 river of the year by American Rivers. This was possible, in part because of the Clean Water Act….And due to the efforts of people and organizations like Sound Rivers who take charge of our resources and protect them.

Sound Rivers is a nonprofit whose work is made possible by member support from organizations and individuals. It protects the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico watershed that covers 12,000 square miles and nearly one-quarter of North Carolina.…Water from these watersheds flows through homes and businesses every day.

The Fairfield Harbor Yacht Club presented Krop with a check to support Sound Rivers efforts.

Note: those wishing to help can volunteer at

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