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Mutts of the Month

We're in trouble!

In this month’s exciting feature, I caught up with Izzy Mae and Ringo, relatively new canine residents in the Harbour. Life on Royal Pines is a far cry from their austere beginnings, and they are both delighted with life here. Let’s catch up with the latest in their canine lives. Owners Don and Liz Clayton.

Beacon: “So, tell us a little about yourselves.”

Izzy: “First, I would like to thank my family and friends, members of the academy, and everyone at Purina who has gotten me this far. It is a great honor to represent our street. Oh…and are you going to finish that?”

(Beacon Note: Izzy’s Mom had given me a muffin during this interview which now had everyone’s attention.)

Ringo: “There’s a squirrel in the yard!! I’m taking us to DEFCON 3!!!”

(Beacon Note: Almost everyone…)

Beacon: “What are your hobbies, and how do you spend your days?

Izzy: “I don’t like to brag, but I’m a bit of what you might call a gourmand. I’ve been expanding the word's definition as much as I will eat anything in

sight, so I’m big on exercise to counteract this. My dad walks us constantly and takes us biking at least once daily."

Beacon: “The two of you? At once? That could end up….well, poorly, no?”

Izzy: “Perhaps. But Dad focuses less on the inevitable and more on sticking to the landing. As he puts it, falling off a bike is pedestrian; a broken collarbone has style!”

Suddenly Ringo is back: “I think we’re outnumbered! Call Raleigh! Alert the 82nd! Ahhhhhhh!!!!”

Beacon: “My, this is a busy house!”

Izzy: “Yes, and we love it here. Everyone is kind, the place is gorgeous, and the weather suits us. Oh…and are you going to finish that?”

Life is never dull at the Clayton household with Izzy Mae and Ringo!

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