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Fairfield Harbour super sleuths solve Who Killed Mr. O’Blatherskite

Who Killed Mr. O’Blatherskite performed for two sold out shows at Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille on Monday, August 22 and 29, 2022. Bill Hand’s original murder mystery dinner theater was met with laughter and plenty of audience participation as the guests tried to solve the murder.

Mr. O’Blatherskite – the corrupt president of a western railroad – was found murdered in his private car. All the suspects are on the train – Sheriff, a friendly country type, sidekick the Barney-Fife-like Deputy Arney (played by Fairfield Harbour resident, Benny Thompson); Mac, a gambler and con artist and his sidekick the not-so-sweet Sweet Mary. Throw in Duncan, the conductor who used to own this railroad – until Mr. O’Blatherskite won it from him in with a questionable five-ace straight – and the determined lady bounty hunter Jane Oakum who is tracking Mac and swears she will always get her man.

Every soul has a motive to kill the deceased, and witty comedy ensued as they worked to solve the crime! To ramp up the fun, the audience tries to solve the mystery as well. The cast mingled with the audience, and they interviewed the suspects between scenes. The audience turns in their best guess just before the final scene where the murder is revealed. The best guessing guest at the end of the night wins a prize! Congratulations to super sleuths David Stevenson in Aug 22 show for solving the murder.

Many of the guests came in western attire to join the flavor of the night! Thank you, Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille, for providing venue and the delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes, beans, and dessert. Look for more exciting events at Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille soon!

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