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The third week of STATracker III featured only two rounds played on Wednesday and Friday, with Wednesday's round being the first MGA tournament of the season.

Monday's round was rained out. However, the MGA opened its season on Wednesday with its traditional "Frostbite OPEN tournament. It was an appropriate name for the round, featuring a tee time temperature of 38 degrees and a strong cutting breeze. The format was low team net, which was won by the team of JOE PILLOW, LARRY ERVIN, and DAN ENGELHAUPT. For Ervin, he also added a CTP and a sandy for 15 point day. Engelhaupt had a birdie and a sandy as well for 16 points. But… hold the wire…although he won nothing on Wednesday, last year's Double-Crown champion, MARK CARMICHAEL, punched in a birdie and two holeouts in the tournament to take the first place position in the 2023 Tournament standings after this first round. Carmichael has had a slow start to this season, but with his 33-point day on Wednesday followed by another 32 points in Friday’s round, he is back in the mix, rocketing up into 2nd place in the Combined standings, edging past the idle STAN KOONCE, who did not play in week-3. Koonce is due back in the lineup this coming week.

Meanwhile, PAUL CORMIER roared out of his short-lived slump and banged out 44 points in Friday’s round with a three-birdie performance, a holeout, and two sandies. Cormier is the first player to pass the 100 points mark in this young season.

He has taken 1st place in the Combined standings and has opened up a 38-point lead over Koonce. This should be an exciting week as Koonce, Cormier, and Carmichael jockey for the early pole position.

FRANK AIUTO put up a good day in the tournament round with a 2nd place team finish, three birdies, and a sandy. WAYNE BEDENBAUGH had an outstanding game on Friday, getting 21 points with a 1st place team finish, a birdie, and a holeout.

Bedenbaugh sits in the 5th position in the Combined standings. KEITH SWAN had an 18-point round in the tournament and found himself in the top four in both standings.

…Coming up this week…

Bald Eagles will play on Monday, 3/20… and on Friday, 3/24

The MGA hosts an individual format playdate on Wednesday, 3/22

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