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Meet Gary Blanchard, the Pointe's new food and beverage manager.

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Gary Blanchard, the new Food and Beverage Manager of the Pointe Restaurant. Gary and his wife Deb initially moved to New Bern from Burleson, Texas, to retire, but opportunity knocked on his door, and fortunately for Fairfield Harbour, he answered. The Blanchards were familiar with the area since they had often vacationed here. Gary and Deb have a blended family with six grown children living in Texas, Alabama, and Georgia. The Blanchards are now permanent residents in the Harbour and neighbors to us all.

Gary's career ranges from small venues to national chains, such as a General Manager of well-known establishments like Applebee's and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. He has vast experience in culinary cuisine and restaurant management and understands how to provide excellent customer service. Gary has won many awards for his ability to improve the day-to-day operations, increase employee retention and enhance the customer experience of the restaurants he managed.

Since accepting this position at the Pointe Restaurant, he has concentrated on creating a welcoming atmosphere by providing a place to socialize and enjoy excellent service and good food. His focus now is hiring and training a staff dedicated to the customer that makes them genuinely making you feel like part of this community. Gary's goal is to fulfill The Pointe Restaurant's tagline: "Our goal is good times, good food and fun times period."

For those in the community who feel the Pointe is a Golf Club, he says, "It is not just a golf course, it's a restaurant that serves the community, and golfers are always welcome."

So, of course, I asked, " What can we expect in the future?" Gary didn't disappoint! He quickly added, "I want to create an atmosphere of community and a place to socialize, move to a seven-day-a-week schedule, serve consistent quality food, and provide excellent customer service."

He believes in constantly rotating new and popular food choices and new and diverse entertainment such as dinner theatre, trivia, and musical guests. Those who decided to try Italian Nite Wednesday evening found a fantastic full-page menu of popular Italian dishes.

We are also proud to have a professional Chef and salute Chef Michael for his dedication to providing ongoing new menu specials and adjusting to the community's wants.

As a frequent flyer of the Pointe Restaurant, I ask all of you to stop by, and you will find Gary and Michael on the floor, meeting and greeting everyone who visits. You will find a terrific wait staff and bartenders to serve you not as employees but as a family! See you there!

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