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  • John Rothengast

John Rothengast

Updated: May 7

John Rothengast

Address: 2008 Caracara Drive, Sec/Lot #06-351

Phone: 252-349-3090, Email:

Running for Re-Election and Moving Forward... Phil Hewett and I have been directors for the past three years and are seeking re-election. Here is a small sample of what has been accomplished in the past two years.

Financial Perspective

  • Appealed to the tax department on each reappraised POA-owned lot and reduced our tax exposure.

  • Use Economies of Scale when doing infrastructure projects

  • Revenue-generating ideas were implemented.

  • Selling excess POA properties to help pay down the 385 loan.

  • Purchase Broad Creek Road property to advertise FH and lease the land as an income- generating venture.

Rebrand and Refresh

  •  Developed a new logo for Fairfield Harbour to represent positive growth and new direction.

  •  Installed new signage throughout the community.

  •  Completely renovated the Pointe Restaurant.

  •  Improved Harbour Pointe Golf Club—new golf cart paths, exterior landscape lighting, hydration station, secure golf and restaurant equipment under the cart barn, and new golf carts.

  • Updated the HPGC website.

  •  Improved communication through The Beacon.

  •  Launched advertising campaigns to promote HPGC and The Pointe.

Land Development and Building

  •  Developed a two-step process to control stormwater management.


  •  Reduced the speed limit to the nationwide community standard limit.

  •  Established a Craven County Sheriff’s Office substation.

  •  Contracted with a new security company to help us fully automate the entry system.


  •  Partnered with a private company to build our own Fiber Network

Infrastructure Rebuild

  •  Rebuilt Birdland Marina, 500 feet of Shoreline Seawall, Paved four golf cart paths, Red Sail Park, dog park, pickleball parking lot, BB&T parking lot, front entrance, Santa Lucia Rd., Canovan Rd., Spinnaker Ct.

If re-elected, Phil and John are committed to the following objectives:

  •  The Harbour Club and Amphitheater at Pelican Park will be completed by Summer 2025.

  •  The Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC) and The Pointe Restaurant have become self-sufficient.

  •  Our 385 infrastructures will be repaired by establishing long-term contracts.

  •  Fiber network to go live Summer 2024 at our entrances.

  •  Increase FH reserves and the insurance umbrella policy to reflect a neighborhood that faces coastal risks.

  •  Focus on a long-term commercial lease for property on Hwy. 55 and short-term rental for small businesses in the current POA office and activity building once the Harbour Club is completed.

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