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Chris Barajas

Updated: May 20


Chris Barajas

I am a Master Investigator (Ret) from a large Sheriff’s Department. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and developed an expertise in conflict resolution and personality management. For over 27 years, I served those communities and effectively bridged gaps of dissension through honest dialog, ethics, accountability, and integrity.

“Service above self” is the mantra I believe is needed in Fairfield Harbour’s Board of Directors. Being a public servant requires emotional intelligence and listening to the community's needs. Everyone’s input is important and should be considered before significant decisions impact their way of life.

We moved to FFH in 2021 and found peace and serenity essential for a healthy retirement. This community provides a variety of activities that facilitate a positive lifestyle. It presents itself as a neighborhood rather than a large housing development. The diverse backgrounds of the residents and their expertise are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that should be incorporated into the community's operations. Everyone in FFH chose to live here for a specific reason, and those specific reasons should be considered as FFH moves forward and progresses.

Your largest community asset is the open-space land (former Shoreline Golf Course) and surrounding green spaces. These should be retained and enhanced for more family-oriented activities. If this community desires a Clubhouse, your input is crucial for the cost, design, and location.

Our community requires a solid, sound, and understandable budget that incorporates disaster planning at the forefront. Everyone should be able to view and comprehend the budget whenever they want, and it should be communally approved.

The present Board of Directors increased our POA dues 19% in the past few years with no explanation. If allowed to continue, this astronomical fee behavior will price people out of their “forever” homes. The fiscal overreach and taxation mindset must stop!

This is your community, and you should have a say in its functionality and future. I will represent you and your voice in the Board Room with “Integrity through Accountability.”

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