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Jan Meehan Moves Out of the Harbour

Updated: Apr 9

Jan Meehan demonstrates her contagious smile before the Fairfield Harbour Chorus Christmas concert with friends Julie Madsen (left) and Linda Lelli (right).

One of Fairfield Harbour’s ‘darlings’ has moved away from the neighborhood. Health issues necessitated Jan Meehan’s recent move into town. Jan came here in 2000 and left a deep mark on our community in the ensuing 24 years. If you ever attended a Harbour Lights Players production or went to The Follies, chances are you were entertained by her. Her sense of humor, hilarious facial expressions, and comedic timing never failed to bring belly-busting laughter to her many audiences. 

She didn’t leave her comedy on the stage either. No matter where you saw Jan, whether in the pool for water aerobics or at a Fairfield Harbour chorus rehearsal, to name a few, her constant quips kept her fellow participants laughing.

There was always a sense of joy when Jan was around. She had the opportunity to share that joy with many others as she was in the chorus for 24 years, played golf and tennis, and volunteered on the Road Gang while living here. She even took courses at Craven Community College for chorus, piano, and singing (voice). 

Jan’s demeanor and humor were a surprise if you knew her past, as she had a very serious career in education, serving as Dean of Students at Rutgers University for many years. She claims that she could not have had a better retirement and attributes this to having chosen Fairfield Harbour for her home. She says, “Coming to Fairfield Harbour was one of the best decisions I ever made,” citing the ease of making friends because of all the available opportunities. She has lasting and cherished friendships from the day she arrived to this day. Although she no longer lives in the Harbour, she loves calls and visits from her friends who still live here. If you would like to contact her, she now lives at Croatan Village on Old Cherry Pointe Road and her phone number is 252-626-8306. 

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