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  • Ellen Pettigrew

It's fun, it's fitness, it's zumba

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Do you like to exercise? Do you like to have fun while exercising?

Do you like to dance? If the answer is yes to any of those questions then Zumba Fitness classes are for you!!! AND are available at the community center Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 am.

These classes are taught by Jean Leslie, a licensed instructor in Zumba Fitness, who is described as a “Choreographer Extraordinaire, Mother Hen, Mentor and Friend” by the gals who attend the classes. Jean has spent 13 years leading these classes; she maintains a mailing list of 50 participants, and within that is a core group of 18 who attend when they are able. The music in her classes is provided and submitted by Zumba Fitness and can range from Pop, Rock & Roll, and Latin Rhythms to Hip Hop, all in an hour class. She choreographs each song with movements that focus on specific body parts. Using repetitive motion to affect change. Each class is adaptable to all ages and levels of ability.

Jean has “Always loved music” and felt that the goal of getting an aerobic workout while strengthening core muscles and increasing balance and overall fitness while dancing went hand in hand.

Jean’s credentials fill a wall in her studio, in addition to her 4 3 Zumba Certifications, she is licensed in Therapeutic Massage as well as Medical Massage and is currently working in those fields.

These classes have inspired a camaraderie amongst the wide range of ages and abilities to present each morning. Jean inspires, cajoles, and encourages us to an awareness of our capabilities.

Zumba classes are fun, can be challenging and are fulfilling.

Come join in for an hour, learn a couple of dances and have a great time!

For more info, call Jean Leslie at 252-288-4560

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