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HPLs are Wisecrackers!

Wisecrackers The Prize

Wisecrackers Starting Over

Wisecrackers KRZY

Wisecrackers Gin And Tonic

All photos above by Bob Dumon.

If you happened to have the good fortune to attend the Harbour Light Players' recent production of Wisecrackers at the Community Center, then you witnessed history in the making. In so many ways, this year's show was like no other. What had become the "norm " year after year looks much different now.

Wisecrackers was divided into four different one-act plays, each with a different cast and set. What usually would take one director to manage now took four. So three people stepped out of their comfort zone and volunteered to direct a play for the first time; a fellow member with experience briefly mentored them, then set out on their own.

Several actors on stage had never attempted to act before, so this production was their theatrical "coming out," if you will. Each of them did an outstanding job and was well-received by the audience. Rumor is that you will likely find them onstage in the future. In other words, they are hooked.

While the actors deliver all of the lines, show emotions, and get all the attention, it is essential to realize that all the crew members who work behind the scenes are really and truly the unsung heroes. They are the folks who keep things moving like well-oiled machines and are responsible for making the actors look good with lighting, sound, tech, and props. A few crew members have much experience from previous productions, but a few also began as novice apprentices and quickly became experts.

The shows would not be what they are without makeup artists, set and costume designers, great photographers, and expert advertising and promotion.

And there would be no plays for you to watch without the play reading committee; they search for and read over many plays looking for the right one. Choosing a play begins almost a year before it hits the stage.

Harbour Lights Players sends a huge thank you to all who supported HLP during this latest journey because we would have no one to entertain without you! And now that you know some of the inside scoops, consider joining us onstage or behind the scenes on our next adventure. There is always much to be done, and you never know what might happen, but you will be glad you did.

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