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Harbour Pointe LGA

Congratulations to Sharon Henke, our May Ace!

HPLGA tournament "May Ace of the Month: May 2, 2024

Best net score wins!

Congratulations to Sharon Henke our May Ace!!!

1st flight winners.. 1st place: Sharon Henke, 2nd place: donna Hulbert

2nd flight winners: 1st place(tie): Pam Nolan and Susan Mathis

3rd flight winners:  1st place (tie): Kathy Fuller and Penny Sullivan

May 7, 2024 Tournament "President's Cup Day One"

Lowest net cumulative score of the field over 2 days of regular golf.

Flighted with one overall champion!

1st flight: Sue Layton and Nancy Robinson

2nd flight: Dawn Ritter and Cindy Pellegrini

3rd flight: Kathy Fuller and Barbara Walsh

May 9,2024 "President's Cup Day Two"

Congratulations to Sue Layton the winner of the Presidents Cup!!!

1st flight winners: Sharon Henke and Donna Hulbert (tied for first place!)

2nd flight winners: 1st place Pam Nolan; tie for 2nd place: Cheryl Furman and Linda Lelli

3rd flight winners: 1st place: Ann Kopec; 2nd place: Barbara Walsh

May 16, 2024 Tournament "Blind Partners"

Play your own game. After play, golfers will be randomly paired and NET scores will be combined for TEAM score.

1st place: Joy Harsen and Penny Sullivan

2nd place: Dawn Ritter and Nancy Robinson

3rd place: Susan Mathes and Stephanie Eldreth

May 23, 2024 "Tournament Short and Sweet"

Scores count from the 9 shortest holes

1st flight: 1st place Kris Engelhaupt; tie for 2nd place: Sharon Henke and Karen Macaulay

2nd flight: 1st place Joan Melius; 2nd place Cindy Pellegrini

3rd flight: 1st place Barbara Walsh; tie for 2nd place Robin MacRae and Ann Kopec

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