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Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association - May 25, 2023: Maypole Ribbon Tournament

1st place winners: Sue Layton

  • Pam Nolan

  • Penny Sullivan

  • Robin MacRae

2nd place winners: Susan Mathes

  • Cindy Pellegrini

  • Kathy Fuller

  • Rita Gillham

June 01, 2023: Solheim Tournament

Blue team vs Green team: Results: Blue team is the winner!!!!

Winners on Blue team:

  • Layton/MacCaulay

  • Robinson/Melius

  • Hendel/MadRae

  • Walsh/Furman

  • Lane/Gillham

  • Kopec/Sullivan

June 8th, 2023: Ace of the Month Tournament

Congratulations to Sharon Henke our June Ace

Winners in first flight

1st place - Sharon Henke.

2nd place - Karen Macaulay

Winners in second flight

1st place - Penny Sullivan

2nd place - Cindy Pellegrini

Winners in third flight

1st place - Pam Nolan

2nd place - Cheryl Furman

HPLGA June 15, 2023: Field Strokes Tournament

1st flight

tie for 1st place - Sharon Henke and Linda Lelli

2nd flight

1st place - Joan Melius

2nd place tie - Cindy Pellegrini and Penny Sullivan

3rd flight

1st place - Kathy Fuller

2nd place Cheryl Furman


1st place...Joan Melius

2nd place..Kathy Fuller

3rd place tie:Nancy Robinson and Barbara Walsh

HPLGA Jume 29, 2023: Team event Blind Partners

1st place winners - Susan Mathes and Nancy Robinson

2nd place winners - Barbara Walsh and Cheryl Furman

3rd place winners - Karen Macaulay and Kathy Fuller

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