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Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association 18-hole division

Congratulations to Joan Melius our October Ace!!!!!

Winners in 1st flight:
  • 1st place Karen MacCaulay

  • 2nd place Sue Layton

  • 3rd place Vicky Lynch

Winners in 2nd flight:
  • 1st place. Joan Melius

  • Tie for 2nd place: Nancy Robinson & Rita Gilham

Winners in 3rd flight:
  • 1st place Pam Nolan

  • 2nd place Geneva Lane

10/27/22 Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association

18-hole division: Three Little Pigs

Winners in 1st Flight:
  • 1st place Jackie Hice

  • 2nd place Karen Macaulay

Winners in 2nd Flight:
  • Tie for 1st place Barbara Walsh & Susan Mathes

Winners in 3rd Flight:
  • 1st place Geneva Lane

  • Tie for 2nd place: Kathy Fuller, Penny Sullivan and Ruthann Hendel

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