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Harbour Lights Players, End of Year Wrap-up

Harbour Lights Players held their annual Christmas Party on December 7th with approximately 50 attendees. This is not a business meeting, but a time of joy and good cheer to all. We shared a delicious meal, good conversations, and lighthearted entertainment. Then suddenly there was a rousing knock on the door and who entered but Santa and Mrs. Clause. It seems that the Harbour Lights Players have been nice all year as gifts were given to all, though several members, for various reasons, were given special gifts to start the season off.

I love December even though it is always a frenzied time of year for many of us. Winter is upon us, and the air is getting colder. Stores are full of shoppers looking for ideas to fill our desire to be generous in our giving spirit. Streets and roads are full of traffic which calls for an added layer of patience as we move about.

For me, I always wish for snow to come and blanket the neighborhood with a beautiful scene of calm, while knowing I likely will not get that wish. I dare say there are others that wish for anything but snow to fall upon us knowing that we are not equipped to handle it very well.

December is a time of joy, peace, and love. A time that we gather and wish each other cheer and good tidings. A time for the end of the calendar year as well as a time for taking stock of accomplishments as we start making plans for the coming year. 

2023 has been a wonderful year for Harbour Lights Players. Together, we had an awesome spring show as well as a great fall Follies performance. Our membership numbers have grown and are poised to continue growing with your help. Our spring show, “Laugh-In”, has many opportunities for actors of all levels to come out and help us do what we do, which is entertaining our neighbors. 

If you do not feel ready for the spotlight of the stage, there are numerous opportunities to help on the off-stage side of the production. Makeup, costuming, set building, ticket sales, are just a few of the areas that we could use your support. EVERYONE is welcome and appreciated.

Lastly, I need to apologize for not including our member spotlight from last month, Joy Pikor. Joy is amazingly talented treasure to our group. The next time you see Joy, take a few minutes to talk with her. She is a true JOY.

Benny Thompson


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