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Great Minds Dink Alike at FHPC Round Robin Night

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

On Friday, July 21, the Fairfield Harbour Pickleball Club held a Round Robin tournament; hopefully the first of many! Sixteen players from our club signed up in advance to compete, with slots filling up in record time.

Players followed a randomly-generated game schedule for the evening and earned points based on scores within each game. A tally was kept after each game and top total-point-earners were awarded at the end of the tournament.

L to R: Sheila Kahrimanian, Karen Powers, Ellen McElree

Top Winners: Ladies

  1. Ellen McElree

  2. Sheila Kahrimanian

  3. Karen Powers

L to R: Kevin Anderson, Rick Finlayson, Glenn Wible

Top Winners: Men

  1. Glenn Wible (also, Top Overall)

  2. Rick Finlayson

  3. Kevin Anderson

Tournament Players:

Mike Kahrimanian

Sandy Thinguldstad

Robert Del Busto

Phil Hewett

Julie Finlayson

Leigh Butler

Leigh Rosalyn

Michelle Esmacher

Matt Esmacher

Paul Girard

Several other club members, as well as several guests, were also in attendance to enjoy a night of fellowship, pickleball, refreshments, and fun. Our club always has a good turnout for its event nights and is looking forward to organizing more in the future, including an All Ladies’ and an All Men’s Round Robin Tournament.

Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, come out and join us!

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