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Updated: Nov 5, 2023

MGA Beacon November conversation with Stan Koonce

The Men's Golf Association conversation for the Month of November for the Beacon is with Stan Koonce. Stan is leading the combined Stattracker points list by a colossal margin of 393 points, with just a couple of events remaining in the 2023 season.

Stan and his wife Ramona have been Fairfield Harbour residents for three years, son Jeff lives here too. Stan first joined HPGC as a Member in 2021.

Beacon: Please tell us about your record setting season in the combined Stattracker points system with 1470 points and 57 holeouts in 77 events this season.

Stan Koonce

Stan: My goal was to reach 1000 points and to improve my short game. I worked hard on my short game and it has paid off. I also had great teammates in the team events and did well earning points in the team events. Also, my wife Ramona gifted me new Golf clubs for my Birthday. Thank you, Ramona!

Beacon: You certainly reached your goal of 1000 points with ease and improving your short game is something we all can learn from. Congrats on a phenomenal season! How did you get started in Golf and when?

Stan: It was 1970 and I was 14 years old, I was hired at a club in Portsmouth, VA. I was paid .35 cents an hour to fix ball marks, then I received an increase to .50 cents an hour and raked bunkers too. The Club was owned and operated by Chandler Harper, who won the 1950 PGA Championship, had 7 PGA Tour Wins and 21 Professional wins overall. He was a great man and his best friend was the legendary Sam Snead. They played lots of money games at the club. Mr. Snead was a very fun guy. It was great to be around those men in my youth. Great memories!

Beacon: Wow! That must have a special time as a teenager. Nowadays these Tour Players have a Swing Coach, Putting Coach, Mental Coach and a Fitness Trainer. In those days all they had was each other. What is your favorite hole at Harbour Pointe?

Stan: My favorite hole is #8. There are many different ways to play the hole. I usually hit a hybrid off the Tee and leaves me with 100 to 115 yard approach to the green. I've probably birdied that hole more than any other on the course. HPGC is a very good Golf Course, tight off the Tee and there are not very many flat greens. It is in great shape these days!

Beacon: The 8th hole is a fun shortish par 4, it gives you options off the Tee. You are correct, the Golf Course is in fantastic condition. What is your favorite memory of playing in MGA events?

Stan: It is really the friendships made. We have made lots of new friends here. Jim Furman and I are from the same town in Virginia. We didn't know each other years ago, we did know many of the same people and have become great friends here in the Harbour.

Beacon: That's great! What is your dream foursome?

Stan: Mine is probably different than some people. I like to laugh when I'm playing Golf. I would go with Ray Romano, Bill Murray, Tiger and Myself.

Beacon: That would be a fun group. What course that you have not played would you like to play?

Stan: That's an easy one, St Andrews, the home of Golf.

Beacon: Stan, thanks for spending time with us today. Again, congrats on a fabulous 2023 MGA season.

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