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Golf Course improvements

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Spring is here, and we look forward to another great season at Harbour Pointe Golf Club.

Many improvements have been made in the last year at the club, and I felt this would be a great time to share this information with Golfers and all residents of Fairfield Harbour.

  1. Four cart paths were repaired (more to go!)

  2. Increased weekly or biweekly communication disseminated throughout the from both Superintendent and Golf Pro- 2022.

  3. Emails going to golf members directly from Golf leadership- 2022.

  4. ~ $20,000 of sod where needed- 2022.

  5. Outdoor landscape lighting for nighttime- 2023.

  6. Purchase of water/ice dispenser installed in the Clubhouse -2023.

  7. New golf carts were ordered in the spring of 2022 to arrive in May 2023.

  8. Towels, shoe scraper, and a bulletin board for Men's event moved -2022.

  9. Mail out advertising -2022.

  10. In-person meetings with time-share guests weekly (ongoing).

  11. LED signage designed to advertise golf events- 2022.

  12. Purchase of land on Highway 55 intended for future advertising for golf and restaurant-2022.

  13. Completion of the fountain in the pond on #11- 2022.

  14. Several internal improvements leading to bottom line saving and future growth- 2022.

  15. Improved cleanliness for the course restrooms- 2022.

  16. Marketing budget implemented in 2023.

  17. Bunker maintenance has improved, and hole locations are frequently changing.

  18. A hydration station was installed in the clubhouse.

  19. Much improved restrooms on #6.

  20. The new cart path on hole 7.

  21. HPGC Golf Course maintenance employee mowing the fairway.

  22. Beautifully groomed bunker on the 15th.

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