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From Your FH-POA Library

Hello from your FH POA Library. Welcome to December. The library is open Monday through Friday from 8am-8pm. We have a return cart near the door for you to return borrowed items. We gladly accept your gently used and loved reads to share with our community. There is a large, labeled bin for new donations next to the table in the library room. Refer to our donations list on the bulletin board to the left of the library door for what is suitable and unsuitable to donate. Also, please leave a note with your name and contact information. We would like to acknowledge your donation in our newsletters.

For Your Consideration

The library is pleased to again support Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club and the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. Thanks to all who took part in this program.

We have a wonderful selection of fiction, non-fiction, and biography/autobiography books to loan. We also have DVD’s, talking books, and puzzles. This selection could not exist without all of you so thank you for all the donated resources. I get lots of questions about donations. Let’s unpack our suitable item list (posted on the bulletin board outside the library) to help everyone get a better understanding of what items are suitable/not suitable in the POA library.

We do not accept cookbooks, coffee table books, self-help books, diy books, or religious books. Unfortunately, we do not have the space. If you are cleaning out items or moving, look through your books. We do not take damaged books, books with torn pages, water damaged books, or books with stains, or evidence of mold. I know… this seems obvious, and yes, we have actually received items like this. The librarians have to curate and dispose of your old, damaged books (I hate throwing out books -I bet you do too.) So please be considerate of your volunteer librarians and dispose of your books that meet the unsuitable criteria above.

Book Club Books

We are also accepting any book club donations to add current authors and reads to our collections. If your club has a set of books, consider donating them to the POA library. Remember to leave your contact information with your donations so we can thank you properly.

Our Librarians

We have a great volunteer staff. Our librarians do weekly rotations. If you see any of them, say hello and share your favorite author or book!

Jennifer Creech Mary Beth Croft Susie DeLong Margaret Hindley Mary Hittner Julie Madisen Nancy Maguire Susan McCrocklin Jackie Moniak Beth Pallen Pam Saupe Cathy Snyder Lorrie Stillwagon Evelyn Thompson Katherine Van Leeuwen Mimi Watrous Frances Wood John Wood

We are so lucky to have your donated books in our library. It’s a wonderful resource that is used by so many, and a valuable part of all our community has to offer. If you have not visited, come check out your POA library located next to the POA office. Check out The Beacon each month for library updates, book, and author recommendations and much more! If you have read a great book recently, feel free to reach out to me and I will post your recommendation in our newsletter. If you have any questions, comments, or author/book recommendations, contact me, Mary Beth Croft

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