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Fishing Club September 6th Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.

The meeting began with introducing new attendees; Keith Semler, Scott and Barb Hess, Howard Fein, Celeste McAllister, Steve Morton, and Sean Gilchrist.

First, the board provided a financial report. Then reviewed past events and future relationships with the Hope For The Warriors Organization. There was discussion on the club participating again. Suggestions from the membership to host small local events and fish here in Fairfield Harbour. One thought was that the club take them fishing in our personal boats for a day and then host a BBQ. This topic, future planning, and fund raising, will continue over the next few months.

Next, a presentation was provided by Art Thinguldstad on Red Drum fishing. Art reviewed two upcoming events fishing for Red Drum. The first one to be held launching from FH Harbour with FH Fishing club members only, on Monday September 18th; and a second event, coordinated with three fishing clubs, to be held in Oriental on Wednesday September 20th (weather permitting).

Arts spoke about the mentoring classes that he offers and gave a presentation and video titled, “Minnesott Reds with Captain Dave Stewart” and the fun music background “Knee Deep” played by The Zac Brown Band. The link below has information that was in his presentation.

Art reviewed the type of gear that should be used to pull these large fish in quickly that would maximize their ability to survive. He emphasized NOT to use your Trout equipment because it is too light for such a large fish, these fish can be in the fifty pound range. He suggests a medium heavy rod, a 3000 to 5000 series reel with 30-50 pound braid and a 30 to 50 pound leader and the hook size about 5/0-6/0 hook.

There are two popular ways to fish for Red Drum, one is using a popping cork with a leader about 18 inches long and a Lead-Head with a 5/0-6/0 hook and a Z-Mann Paddle Tail.

You can also put cut bait or live shrimp on the hook instead of an artificial bait.

Another method is using big chunks of cut bait. Two-to-four-inch chunks of mullet will do the trick. Frozen bait works, fresh is better, just make sure to cut them in chunks. The rig is made up of 5/0-6/0 Circle Hook on a bite leader connected to swivel and then onto a slide leader.

In case you haven’t visited the fishing club website lately, check it out! There is a great deal of useful information and the “useful links” tab is very informative!

The 50/50 drawing was won by Don Yuska of which he generously donated much of it back to the club.

The Club meeting ended at 8:30 pm and the social gathering began.

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