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Fishing Club December 6th Newsletter A Year in Review

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm. 

As President of the past year, I want to thank you all for making it a great year. I thank the Board members for their work and involvement in organizing the many activities throughout the year such as the Hope for the Warriors event that was organized by John McClain. This event wasn’t done for some years due to Covid shutdowns. John was able to reestablish connections and made this event happen. Big Thanks to John and to his team.

Another amazing event we had this last year was with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of New Bern.

This event took some months to plan as we worked with the Woman’s Club of New Bern, Yacht Club, Pickle Ball Club, and lunch provided by Chick-Fil-A as well as a few sponsors to cover costs. I would like to thank many of you who made the two events fun and memorable. One was working with the kids teaching and practicing how to cast a fishing rod, the other was an all-day event with the different clubs working with the kids rotating the kids from fish casting to pickle ball, to assorted board games throughout the day. I thank Harvey Pye for attending  many of the organizational meetings as well as looking for donations. I want to thank Don Yuska, Jim Spatharos, Don Simpson.

 We have had many events throughout the year not just the ones I just highlighted. 

There was the Fish Fry, the Coastal Conservation Association fundraiser, Trout fishing competition in January, the fishing tackle swap meet, a fishing trip to Martin Marietta Park in New Bern, Harbour cleanup day, fish casting demonstration by Art Thinguldstad, a review about kayak fishing by Harvey Pye, pier fishing trips to Bogue Pier, and Beach fishing at Fort Macon.

 We have had several speakers at our monthly meetings, all very informative and all-important information.  We had Trusty Sail and Kayak come out from Morehead City, and they brought out several kayaks to display and spoke about the different models. Don Willis has come out to speak about the CCA and about fishing for different varieties of fish and which lures to use.

There were several others throughout the year.

We wrapped up the year with a fabulous Christmas Party at the Community Center. Members brought in appetizers or a dessert to pass. The main dish was provided by Smithfield’s Chicken N Bar-B-Q.  We used the projector to show pictures of those that were involved in club activities throughout the year.

Craig and Janice Myler   George Maravelas

Jim and Kathe Spatharos Dan Beaucaire and Howard Fein  

Steve Burton and Don Simpson Harvey Pye and Cindy Snyder

   2023 President Steve Mink, Paula Mink

We ended the night singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

Thanks to Marybeth and Wayne for stepping up and singing with me. It was a great way to end the evening.

Lastly, I truly thank the entire club for getting involved in events and a thanks to the stewards for their commitment to the duties involved.

I hope 2024 is another very active year.

Best, Steve Mink

President, Fishing Club 2023

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