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Fishing Club August 2nd General Meeting

The meeting started at 7:10 p.m.

No meeting was held in July because there were too many members traveling on vacation and such.

We opened the meeting by introducing two new attendees, Wally Melanson and Michael Seigel.

Steve mentioned that we need to start thinking about those that would like to join the leadership team for the 2024 season. Steve will be stepping down at the end of this year.

Steve briefly discussed the events that we held in May and June and ran a slideshow showing the events. The club thanks FHPOA for also covering our events in the Beacon.

The events that took place in May and June were:

The Boys and Girls Club events. The first one was held in May at JT Barber Elementary School in New Bern. We had four club volunteer members go to the school and teach the kids how to cast fishing rods. The volunteers were Don Simpson, Don Yuska, Jim Spatharos and Steve Mink. For many of the kids, this was the first time that they had ever cast a fishing rod. We all had a good time helping the kids. Occasionally, there was a line caught up in the basketball equipment.

The Next event was a club Fish Fry. This was a first of such an event! The weather didn’t cooperate for the club to secure fresh fish as planned from Sneads Ferry. So, we went to the next best thing, and that was Harris Teeter fish market. We bought more than enough fish to feed about 41 attendees. Club members brought a dish to pass and the fish fry became another joyous fun event. I would like to thank Doug Benz, and Mary Beth Croft for preparing the fish, and Don Yuska and Mary Beth for doing the cooking. The fish turned out perfectly, flakey on the inside and a little crisp on the outside. Thank you to those that set up and decorated the room, Carol Yuska, Paula Mink, and the stewards.

The next event was the Harbour Cleanup organized by Jim Spatharos. I want to thank all the club members that participated.

We spoke about the “Hope for the warriors” event which took place in July.

The veterans and active service members were very appreciative of the event. Don Yuska was telling the story about what one of the service members had told him. The service member said that his mother was in the hospital and was expected to pass in the coming days and he was having internal family issues as well. He said that this was a very much needed break.

After wrapping up the events from the previous two months Brian Saunders gave his presentation. Brian has been a long time resident of New Bern and a friend of Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club for some time. Brian was a school teacher, recently retired, and host, producer, and editor of the Victory Fishing Show.

Brian spoke about his fishing techniques for large Red Drum. He shared stories about his favorite Bad Monkey lures. These are large floating popping lures, ranging in length of 3 ½ to over 5 inches. Brian mentioned that he likes to give them a good pop as he reels them back to the boat. He said to close the bail just prior to lure hitting the water surface and instantly begin your retrieval. Then he followed up with “Do you know why Mullets jump out of the water?”…. after many shouted out what seemed to be reasonable answers, he fired back “because they could” … in that incredible southern drawl. What a hoot, Brian is incredibly naturally funny in the way he speaks, all were laughing hysterically.

Brian also made comments about the best practices as to how to handle the fish once caught so that they could be released in the best possible condition for survival. My last important point about Brian is that he thanks God every time he catches a fish. I think many of us do the same thing in giving reverence, being highly respectful and grateful for the living creatures and the natural beauty that surround us.

Brian is an incredible individual of which we hope to see him more in the future.

Paula Mink won the 50/50 of which she donated the money back to the club.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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