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  • Olwen Jarvis

FHYC May Meeting Speaker - Cruising the Down East Loop with Melissa Drake

FHYC member and highly experienced sailor Melissa Drake will share her experiences of cruising the Down East Loop at our May 11 General meeting.

Melissa grew up on the Illinois River and boated with her dad. She has her 25-ton Inland Operator's License. In addition, Melissa has worked as a whitewater raft guide in California, Idaho, West Virginia, and Costa Rica. With her husband Jerry, she continues to raft out west. Together they share the ownership of a 75-foot houseboat on Lake Powell.

In 2006/2007, Melissa and Jerry did America's Great Loop cruise on their 39-foot Silverton power boat Drakes Dream. They cruised the mini loop down the Erie, Oswego, and Rideau canals into Lake Champlain in 2002. Cruising to Key West and back to New Bern is also part of their unique experiences.

PC Olwen Jarvis

Program committee

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