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  • Lisa Blumenschine

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club 20+ Year Member Reception

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A great evening reception was held on Sunday, July 30, to honor the members of Fairfield Harbor Yacht Club who have been members for over TWO decades! Please note that one member has been with the club for 39 years!

Twenty years has been a long time: there have been retirements, new grandchildren, new boats, 40 named storms moving through North Carolina, (including several hurricanes) and 5 presidential elections!

According to FHYC Commodore David Phipps, in preparing for the 20 + year reception he went through photograph albums in the club library and was immediately impressed by the long and proud history of the club. Through countless events over many years there were hundreds of photographs that each show dozens of smiling faces. Commodore Phipps says, “We certainly add another wonderful dimension to the good living here in Fairfield Harbour, and as the pictures show, Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club knows how to have fun on the water and ashore.”

Next year marks the 40th anniversary for our club. Over the years these 20+ year members have enjoyed club functions and their participation and contributions have played an essential role in building the club as we know and enjoy it today.

The 20+ year members include:

Ruth Dettor

Peggy Doyle

Sam and Delle Curry

Marge and Pete Drez

Anita English

Carol Hamilton

Ron Helling

Brian and Sonia Humphrey

John Jackson

Bill and Olwen Jarvis

Tom and Linda Lelli

Bob Mitchell

Jackie Moniak

Peter Pagnutti

Margaret Rose

Herm Schiller

Rob and Chris Skrotsky

Bernie and Nancy Teubert

Ralph and LuAnne Tridico

Charlie Ward and Janet Lee

Reiner and Renate Zeppenfeld

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