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Congratulations Ray Redniss, Grand Marshal 2022

Raymond (Ray) L. Redniss is one of two Fairfield Harbour residents selected as Grand Marshal of the 2022 FH Christmas Parade. Ray and his wife, Jaime, acquired their home in 2014 after a bid process that lasted over 24 hours. Ray and Jaime immediately began making plans to remodel their new home and made their final move from Stamford, Connecticut, where Ray grew up, to Fairfield Harbour in 2020.

Ray quickly became involved with the local sailing community including, Blackbeard Sailing Club, Neuse Yacht Racing Association, and the Edward Teach Youth Sailing Association. Ray is a Certified Race Officer with the US Sailing Association and continues to train other race volunteers on safety, race design, and organization.

Ray, being a Registered Surveyor in Connecticut and New York, observed many challenges related to stormwater management issues in FH from his early visits and submitted his application to serve as a volunteer on the FH Stormwater Committee. Ray has actively served on the FH Stormwater Committee since 2017 and is the current SWC Chairman. During the period that Ray and Jaime purchased their home in 2014 and their permanent move in 2020, Ray would meet his volunteer obligations through virtual meetings and regular visits to FH timed to assist the Stormwater Committee and local sailboat racing activities.

Ray has given countless hours to stormwater enhancement in Fairfield Harbour. His efforts do not end with the monthly meeting of the SWC but include numerous field site visits, coordinating with our stormwater contractor, walking the numerous swells and ditches throughout FH, meeting with residents at their property, preparing both short and long-term plans and budgets for repairing and improving stormwater management in FH. Ray has shared his extensive skills and experiences freely and has likely saved FH thousands of dollars since we did not need to outsource to a consultant.

Ray has given back to his profession as a surveyor by holding numerous positions with multiple professional affiliates. He was awarded Surveyor of the Year in 1995 by the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors. Ray has also given extraordinary volunteer service to numerous sailing clubs and sailboat racing organizations. He was presented the Chester Rice Award by the Stamford Yacht Club for long-term service. This award has only been given four times in 130 years.

Ray and Jaime have two sons and one daughter and six grandchildren. Ray has had a life-long interest in music and has built both electric and acoustic guitars.

When asked what he likes most about moving to Fairfield Harbour he quickly responded; the multiple friends, direct water access, and climate. Ray further stated that what he enjoyed most about volunteering in Fairfield Harbour was helping improve stormwater management, assisting the residents, giving back to the community, and improving our quality of life.

Congratulations Ray Redniss for being selected as a Grand Marshal for the 2022 FH Christmas Parade.

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