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Coastal Plain Senior Pickleball League Match

On Sunday, September 24, teams from the Fairfield Harbour Pickleball Club competed in a league match against teams from the Jacksonville Devil Dills. Matches were played in a "best of 3" format at three skill levels: A, B, and C.

The A-team consisted of Dave Crawford and Ray Morrone. Dave and Ray defeated the A-team from the Devil Dills in two games: 11-4, 11-3.

The B-team consisted of Karina Romanelli and Leigh Butler. In a close match, Karina and Leigh were defeated by the Devil Dills B-team in two games: 8-11, 9-11.

The C-team consisted of Sheila Kahrimanian and Howard Fein who defeated the Devil Dills C-team in two games: 11-7, 11-8.

Many of us from the FH Pickleball Club came out to cheer on our friends. We are very proud of how all of our teams played and look forward to the next league match.

The Coastal Plain Senior Pickleball League has been playing matches over the last several months and will continue until all clubs have played each other. The other league teams are: Swansboro, New Bern, Carolina Colours, Surf City, Havelock, and Crystal Coast.

The Fairfield Harbour Pickleball Club has moved into second place in the league with two matches remaining in the season: Wednesday, October 4th, and Sunday, November 4th.

L to R: Sheila Kahrimanian, Howard Fein , Dave Crawford, Ray Morrone, Karina Romanelli, Leigh Butler

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