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Golf Cart Rules/Tips

There are usually only two cart rules that courses have. One which is the 90-degree rule, and the other is Cart Path Only. Cart path Only means just what it says. Carts must stay on the paths at all times. Usually if the ground is wet or fertilizer has just been spread, then golf courses will utilize cart path only. The other rule that you’ll see is a 90-degree rule, which essentially means that you should stay on the cart path until you reach your ball and then make a 90 degree turn onto the fairway. Once on the fairway, you can remain there until you reach a marker signaling you back to the cart path. A couple of tips is that you should never be within 15 yards of any green complex, and all Par 3 holes are cart path only even if it’s a 90-degree cart rule that day. Also, just because it’s 90-degree cart rule doesn’t mean there aren’t wet spots. Try avoiding low areas at all times or darker areas on the ground as that usually indicates a wet area.

A few safety tips…treat a golf cart as if it were a car. I’ve seen serious accidents happen when people hang their leg outside the cart. Also, there should never be anyone hanging off the back or side of a cart. And lastly, I know it’s tempting to let your kid drive, but you must have a drivers license to operate a golf cart.

Keeping these things in mind will ensure for a more safe and enjoyable experience next time you’re on the course!

Brian D. Joyner, PGA | Club Manager

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