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Golf Dress Code

Oh boy…Here’s my attempt to cover one of the most controversial, and ever-changing topics in golf…the dress code. If you’ve played golf long enough you’ve probably noticed that different golf courses have different dress codes. A local municipal golf course may allow you to wear t-shirts and gym shorts, while your local private course will require a collared shirt tucked in, slacks, and a belt. Or if you get lucky enough to play a prestigious club such as Eagle Point Golf Club or Sedgefield Country Club, you’re not even allowed to change your shoes in the parking lot (they have locker rooms for that.) Not to mention wearing a hat inside, that’s a big no-no.

I like to think of the dress code as a simple “keep it classy.” Sort of what you would find at a semi upscale restaurant. The dress code here at Harbour Pointe Golf Club just requires a collared shirt, and no denim. This can lead to some interpretation, especially for the ladies. The general rule of thumb for the ladies is no tank tops, or halter tops. However, leggings are ok.

When in doubt, as long as you have a collared shirt and shorts, you’ll be good to go at most courses in America. And if you show up with your Metallica shirt from the 90s, there’s a good chance the pro shop employee will direct you to the nearest collared shirt.

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