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Apache-Dance Fever-Goodfellas-Jackpot-Murder 8-Tango & Cash

No, these are not names of the hottest new line dances. They are street names for IMF - Illicitly manufactured Fentanyl*. What is it doing here in Fairfield Harbour? New resident Chip Hughes, Sheriff Craven County says it’s his #1 priority.

Fentanyl is taking the lives of young and old in Craven County. It is in our schools and on our streets. Recently, his office purchased a marine patrol and rescue boat to control our nearby waterways. Hughes cited that no taxpayer funds were used for this asset, but rather forfeited drug monies. His emphasis is on making Craven County a safer place to work, live and raise a family.

Hughes was born and raised in Craven County and has worked in law enforcement all his life. Hughes did a 4-year stint in Germany with the US Airforce, Office of Special Investigations. He is no stranger to Law Enforcement. After the service, received his degree in Criminal Justice from University of Maryland. Hughes moved to the Harbour to enjoy the “boating life” and was impressed by the Harbour friendliness as he was welcomed into his new home. Hughes graduated from New Bern High School and enjoyed both baseball and football but really wanted to live a life on the river.

His #1 duty as a Sheriff is to support and uphold the US Constitution, and NC Constitution. He is the only Law Enforcement officer elected by the people. Origin meaning of “Shi-Reef’, is Keeper of the Peace. Hughes is the first line of defense for the Rights of Citizens. Before taking office nearly four years ago Craven County was a “safe haven”, for drug dealers. Not anymore. Strict enforcement has made it very difficult to operate here. His office has orchestrated education, mental health initiatives and increased residential options for the rehabilitated. Our jail employs 50-60 jailers, with approximately 350 inmates daily. Costs for inmates range from $55-$65 daily. There are 100 sworn deputies in service. The recidivism rate continues to decrease. Nonviolent offenders may get an ankle bracelet which saves the county millions in medical bills alone.

As Fairfield Harbour residents we can assist the Sheriff’s department by these practices:

· Lock your vehicles.

· Get unused prescription drugs out of your medicine cabinet and drawers.

· Do not flush drugs down the drain or toilet.

· Report property crimes, criminals often break in and steal to fund their addiction.

· Make your house look like someone is home.

Sheriff Hughes wants to continue to decrease overdose deaths and make this a safer community. If time permits, Hughes wants to exercise and swim at the club and enjoy the boating life. When you see him on his front porch, stop by and “sit a spell”.

*Fentanyl is 50X stronger than heroin, 100X stronger than morphine, and manufactured as a liquid and a powder.

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