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26th Annual FH Christmas Parade

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

2021 Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade photos.

What you need to know

Christmas Parade and the Winter Wonderland!

The 26th annual Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade is set for Sunday, December 4. Line-up is at 2 pm sharp, the parade kicks off at 3 pm. The parade route is from Pelican Park and Cart Barn up Pelican Drive to Helm Drive to Point Court and ends at Red Sail Park. Red Sail Park will be transformed into winter wonderland and include a visit from Santa with toys for children! All parade participants and viewers are invited to Red Sail Park for the festivities.

Heightened Security:

We live in a community with many advantages, one of which is the presence of security at our gate entry points as well as security patrol to help keep our community as safe as possible. In the interest of everyone's safety, Fairfield Harbour security will be increased. Here are the precautions we are taking:

Gate Entry:

  • Pelican Drive will be closed between Felucca Drive and Gondolier starting at 2:30 pm to ALL VEHICULAR TRAFFIC. No exceptions. If you are in the parade, you must be at the line-up before 2:30. You may walk into the parade from Felucca, but no cars, floats, trailers, or golf carts will be allowed past Felucca Drive after 2:30 pm.

  • Santa Lucia, Crow’s Nest and Navidad Bank will be closed to traffic 2:30 – 4 pm. If you live on Santa Lucia or Navidad Bank Court, you may use Caracara to enter or exit the community. If you live on Crow’s Nest or Sloop Court, please note your entry or exit will be closed between 2:30 - 4 pm.

  • The boat launch ramp will be closed from 2 pm – 4 pm.

  • Guests must be called into security by the resident they are visiting. You can contact security at the main gate at 252-636-5566. If your guests name is not on the log at the main gate, they will be denied entry.

  • No large trucks or contractors’ vehicles will be granted entry between 2 pm and 4 pm except for vehicles and floats that are in the parade.

  • West Craven band members will arrive by bus by 2 pm. Band members, parents, grandparents or guests must be on an approved list that must be delivered by the WCHS band director to the security main gate prior to the parents and guests’ arrival or they will be denied entry into FH.

Change in fire engine procedures concerning sirens: During the parade, fire engines will use horns, bells, and whistles but will only use sirens if an emergency is activated. If you hear a fire engine siren, an emergency has been activated. In that case, all people, vehicles, and golf carts should immediately move to the right-hand side of the road or pull off the road entirely if you are able, stop your vehicle, and allow emergency vehicles the access they need.

Thank you for understanding and please do your part by arriving at the line-up on time.

If you are a parade participant:
  • Click here to see your position in the lineup. Please arrive by 2 pm. The parade route will be closed at Felucca and Gondolier to all vehicular traffic at 2:30 pm. When you arrive at the line-up, look for a wooden stake with your name and parade number on it.

  • Parade committee members in green safety vests will be available to help you find your location.

  • Please carpool if you can or come in your parade vehicle. If you need a place to park, park on the grassy knoll at Pelican Park. Parking is very limited.

  • Red Sail Park is now paved! Thank you, FHPOA! As paraders arrive at Red Sail Park, please keep moving in so others can enter. Park in designated spaces or find a suitable space near the Bocci Courts, or on Helm Drive. Please do not block a driveway.

  • For all floats, trailers, and large vehicles, we have a easy place for you to park on Great Inagua Ct. Committee members will be there to direct you. There is a short cut path from Great Inagua to Red Sail Park that will be marked.

  • Parade drivers, please do not throw candy. Let your riders throw the candy. Be sure to throw candy off the road, we don’t want our children running into traffic to collect treats.

If you are a parade viewer:

  • Best place to view the parade and catch candy is between Pelican Park and Helm.

  • Arrive before 2:30 pm, note street closure from 2:30-4 pm on parade route.

  • Please do not park in someone’s yard. Park off the street.

  • Please do not park in the parade line-up.

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