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2023 FHYC Past Commodore's Dinner

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the Past Commodores held their annual event. The Hosts were Doug and Kathie King. A little background: Early in the club's history, it was decided to bring the Past Commodores together for a dinner or luncheon. Frank Goodmen hosted the PC dinner in 1994 after his commodore year, then started the tradition of hosting PC dinner during the fifth year after being Commodore. This year it was Doug King's turn.

This year's event was held at the Pointe Restaurant in the Harbour. The attendees were: Tom Lelli 1997; Sam Curry 2004, Charlie Ward 2008, Olwen Jarvis 2010, Jim Florence 2012; Rob Skrotsky 2013; Doug King 2017; John Jackson 2018, Ralph Azersky 2019; Ritchie Thomson 2020; Adrian Vergot 2021 and Barb Robinson 2022.

Past commodores (deceased): Dick Nearing 1984-5; Bob Knight 1986-7; Tom Babington 1988; Bob Wolf 1989; Bill Clark 1990; John Rabai 1991; Frank Goodmen 1993; Ray Kline 1994; Garrett Snedeker 1995; Don Robins 1996; Dale Baker 1998; Pete Conzelman 2002; Paul Martin 2003.

Kathie King sent out invitations to all known living Past Commodores. Sometimes, she had to use her detective skills to track them down. Kathie found Bob Chord (1992) living with his wife in Pensacola, Florida. Bob is 97 years old. Walt Chaiko (2000) is 96 years young and living in Punta Gorda, Florida. He said he's happy to see the yacht club traditions continuing. Ray Gil (2001) is living in Colorado near his daughter. Bob Mitchel (2005) is living in Viridian here in New Bern. Ken Dunn (2009) said that the ten years they lived in the Harbour were some of the best. He said it was an honor to serve as Commodore. Don and Louise Knight (2006/2016) could not come down because of winter weather in Indiana. Jim Fleckenstein (2014) could not attend because of a family commitment.

The setting for the dinner was perfect, and the sound reduction helped immensely. The service was exceptional, and the food was superb; above all was the conversation and socializing. As the most recent Past Commodore, I was given many stories of past dinners and luncheons. Several Past Commodores were unable to attend because of health or distance.

It was a great evening. A big thank you to Doug and Kathie King for putting this together.
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