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YAY! Painted and Spruced Up!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The golf course maintenance building on Royal Pines has brand new, polished image! The new coat of forest green paint and upscale landscaping was designed to camouflage the building from the road. Chris Dunn and his golf course maintenance crew built the berm, designed the landscaping and planted the trees and scrubs. This building is a vital part of the internal operations of the golf course maintenance for the Harbour Pointe Golf Club in Fairfield Harbour.

Fairfield Harbor has many buildings that require maintenance. Facility maintenance encompasses all maintenance activities that are performed in and outside of POA owned buildings to keep the area safe, presentable, and most importantly, functional.

This includes:

  • maintenance of equipment inside the building (HVAC, certain office equipment and furniture, building-specific equipment)

  • maintenance of all building systems (plumbing, electrical systems, lighting, fire safety systems)

  • taking care of the building infrastructure itself (roofing, windows, doors and door locks, exterior and interior painting)

  • taking care of the space around the building (landscaping and grounds maintenance, pest control, snow removal.

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