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Womens' Golf

Thu, Nov 3, 5:28 PM

Congratulations to Sharon Henke our ACE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!f

Flight one....winner in the first place......Sharon Henke

3-way tie for 2nd place: Sue Layton

Karen Macaulay

Jackie Hice

Flight two...winner in the first place..Cindy Pellegrini

winner in second place..Pam Nolan

Flight three. the winner in the first place..Geneva Lane

winner in second place..Cheryl Furman

Thu, Nov 10, 4:17 PM

First flight......1st place..Karen Macaulay

2nd place..Joan Melius

Second flight.1st place..Barbara Walsh

2nd place..Cindy Pellegrini

Third flight......1st place..Kathy Fuller

2nd place. Cheryl Furman

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