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  • John Rothengast

Update on Plans for the New Harbour Club

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Plans are underway for The Harbour Club, a 14,000-square-foot multi-use facility for Fairfield

Harbour. This community center replaces the Shoreline Clubhouse that was removed in July of 2020 (voted on in 2018, asbestos removed in 2019).

The planning committee for the new Harbour Club has reviewed and interviewed over 19 local

and regional architects. They selected an architectural firm that best fits Fairfield Harbour.

The building will have a Coastal Carolina appearance. The master plan includes an outdoor

amphitheater and pool with a pool house.

Stay tuned for more information after Labor Day when plans are firmed up.

This was the anchor pool and building called Shoreline Clubhouse (demolished in July 2020). The new Community Center, now called The Harbour Club, will be rebuilt at this location. Most real estate people call this location the jewel of the Harbour for good reason.

This is the most recent master plan for the new Harbour Club.

This view shows the different angles of the vast water views from this prime location.

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Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Aug 12, 2023

Where's the anchor pool?? It has to have an anchor pool... that would be awesome!!

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