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The 240 Club

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The Pointe Restaurant offers a major new program for its customers! If you are one of The Pointe's 'regulars,' they would love to have you as a member of their new “240 Club!” A card-carrying member of this club will receive 10% off for the card carrier and one guest every time they visit the Pointe on all purchases except alcohol.

This membership will cost each member $240 per year. If you and your guest visit often, you will save money. This also will allow The Pointe an annual stipend that it can depend on and, at the same time, encourage its customers to become 'regulars' if they're not already.

You can purchase your membership and receive your card at The Pointe Restaurant or the POA office. Let's help our restaurant to become the best place to eat out in the city!

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