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Talking golf with Larry Ervin

Larry Ervin

The Beacon MGA February conversation is with HPGC Member and Fairfield Harbour resident since 1996, Larry Ervin. Larry is a great guy, and he is lots of fun to get paired with in Men's Golf Association Events.

Beacon: Thanks for spending time with us today. How long have you played golf, and who introduced you to the game?

Larry: I've been playing for over 60 years; I started playing with a bunch of guys from work.

Beacon: Which hole is your favorite at Harbour Pointe?

Larry: My favorite is the Par 5 2nd hole. It's a demanding driving hole with water left and O.B. right and a scary 2nd shot with trouble left and right. The approach to the green is much easier when the flag is in front—a challenging green with lots of slope. I like it so much sometimes I play it on my way home.

Beacon: The 2nd hole is one of my favorites too. You have been around here for a long time. Please tell us your favorite memory of playing in the Men's Golf Association Events.

Larry: I enjoyed the days over at the Shoreline course just sitting around with the guys after golf having a couple of beers, and having a few laughs. It's lots of fun at Harbour Pointe also. My Wife and I also loved couples golf events here; we used to travel and play golf. We have made lots of great friends here.

Beacon: You have a solid game. We know you have shot your age many times. How many times?

Larry: Oh, I'm not sure. I remember the first time I shot my age, and it was 73 and shot a 73.

Beacon: That's a goal that many Golfers have. Who is in your dream foursome?

Larry: Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Gene Littler and myself.

Beacon: Great group. Gene Littler was a very underrated player, and you played other sports too. We heard that you were a good baseball player too. Please tell us about that.

Larry: I played Semi-Pro Baseball back home in Pennsylvania, played 2nd base mostly. I played a bit of Softball too.

Beacon: Larry, thanks for being with us today. I look forward to getting paired with you in the Men's Golf Association at Harbour Pointe.

Larry Ervin is one of the true Gentlemen of Fairfield Harbour, HPGC, and the Men's Golf Association.

The Harbour Pointe Golf Club Men's Golf Association plays Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. For more information, please contact Paul Cormier at 602-509-2645.

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