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  • Paul Cormier

Shamble Deluxe Tournament

On Wednesday, July 19th the Harbour Pointe Golf Club Men's Golf Association held the Shamble Deluxe Tournament.

The event had a creative format organized and scored by MGA Tournament Chairman Tom Caruso. It was a 4 man Shamble that required each team to use minimum of 4 Drives from each player and only 1 player was allowed to hit the Tee shot in the Shamble Deluxe. There was lots of strategy involved in choosing which player to have hit the Tee shot on certain holes. There were a total of 24 players who participated. Thanks to all who played.

The Tourney was won by the Foursome Captained by Anthony Aiuto and his teammates, Jim Furman, Brian McDowell and Johnny Harrell. This group had a team net score of -2 to win the event by a comfortable margin of 10 shots. The 2nd place team was Bob Gillham, Frank Aiuto, Joe Barnhart and Jim Robinson +8. The 3rd place group at +11 was the squad of Dave Fahrmeier, Bruce Hice, Bob Reivik and Brian Sandall.

Here is a photo of the winning team.

Brian McDowell, Jim Furman, Anthony Aiuto and Johnny Harrell! Nice going Gentlemen!

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