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San Juan Road Conditions

Cones Showing Location of Depressions

Fairfield Harbour residents should be aware of an issue developing along San Juan Road (See Figure 1). A depression extends along the road's centerline on the section closest to Trade Winds Rd. A sewer pipe causes this depression under the road. The sewer pipe is part of the neighborhood's Carolina Water Service (CWS) system. CWS employees recently met with representatives from the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association to discuss the causes and repair of the road. At that meeting, a depression of the asphalt surface had started to form and was a concern to the Roads and Streets Committee and the Safety and Security Committee. Since that meeting, another depression has occurred, this time in the center of the asphalt patch that CWS installed during an investigation of the pipe under San Juan Road. It was apparent at the meeting with CWS that a repair was necessary, and the lead CWS representative agreed that CWS would make the repairs but cautioned that the repair would be a significant effort and would take time to perform further evaluations and develop the repair approach. The repair will likely require the closure of approximately ¼ mile of San Juan Road for an extended period. We do not yet have an estimated start of repair or a firm idea of the time San Juan Road will be closed during that repair process. The FHPOA will continue to monitor the roadway for further deterioration. Residents are urged to use caution when traveling on San Juan Road and to reduce speed where caution cones or signage is placed.

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