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Rebuilding Birdland Marina

Birdland Marina is being rebuilt and replaced with Hog Slat Concrete construction. The substructure of 1x10s” has been replaced with 4x10s” pressure treated headers. We are using 5/8” galvanized timber bolts, washer, and nuts. We are rebuilding to last. This construction is permanent, rot proof, resist storm uplift, virtually zero maintenance and no splitting or splinters and will stabilize the pilings.

Concrete docks are stronger than wood and will hold up better during severe storms due to the slots that allow water to flow through and relieve some of the uplift pressure that often causes wood decking to fail. The weight of the reinforced concrete and the bolts securing it to the wood header provide structural support and help the concrete decking to stay in place.

Concrete docks require less maintenance because they are not affected by UV radiation, marine borders, or decay from exposure to water. No need to paint or seal the concrete, just pressure wash when dirty.

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Jan 06

when is the Birdland Harbour project expected to be completed?

How many years is this project expected to take and how much funding was put aside by the 2017 Board to repair this when they bought the 385, acres knowing the age and condition it was in?

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