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RCS fall clothing drive was a success

RCS Fall Clothing Drive Was A Success

Once again Fairfield Harbour’s RCS clothing drive was a great success. On Friday, Oct 7th, the RCS van was packed literally to the roof (see the photo). Saturday there were fewer boxes and bags than Friday, but it still was so much! Many items also came on hangers. It’s amazing to the volunteers how generous the residents of Fairfield Harbour are. We take care of each other in our little neighborhoods, and we always reach out to others in the county who need our help.

Current and Past FHYC Commodores who worked on Saturday Drive

There were several volunteer workers this year who needed to stay longer than their shift because the van/truck was late coming in: Julia & Richie Thomson, Georgie & John Jackson, John Schoch, Sam & Delle Curry, Buddy, and Chris Jewell, Carol & Marty Cavins, Dave & Paula Phipps, Barb & Russ Robinson, and Olwen Jarvis.

Our next RCS Clothing Drive, for summer clothing, will be in April 2023. RCS and I give a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated.

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