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Putting their heart into Fairfield Harbour

When Cindy and Alan Malgadey moved to Cassowary Lane from Hendersonville, NC in July 2021, they knew immediately that they wanted to get involved in their new community. Alan joined a men’s bible study of which he is now a co-leader. Alan told some of his friends how God put on his heart that Fairfield Harbour could use an organization that helped those neighbors in need and wanted to start something called Hearts in the Harbour. His friends informed him that Fairfield Harbour already had a well-functioning organization along these lines called Harbour Helpers. A week later they received an email through FH mail that the woman in charge of Harbor Helpers was looking for someone to take over this very special organization. Alan and Cindy immediately got in contact with Phyllis and after meeting and praying with the Wiltrouts, they told Phyllis that they would take over Harbour Helpers.

Alan and Cindy are both still working. Cindy has worked as an educator for 32 years and is currently working with Craven County Schools. Alan works as a craftsman and does remodeling and odd jobs in the Harbour giving discounts to seniors and the military. He considers himself semi-retired and has been in the construction business for over 45 years. Both are chaplains with the Billy Graham organization. The Malgadey's have four children ranging in age from 36 to 28 and three grandchildren with a fourth on the way. They are originally from New York but have spent the last 23 years in western North Carolina.

After deciding to take over Harbour Helpers, they had a gathering of volunteers so they could all get to know each other and also celebrate Phyllis’s victory over cancer. They also passed on the mantle of this very special organization that Phyllis had been in charge of for over 16 years.

Most of the time the service is done by phone with someone in need contacting Harbour Helpers and then Cindy or Alan finding someone that can help the individual in need. They found that since they had the same beliefs about the importance of Harbour Helpers, it was an easy transition between leaders.

Cindy and Alan stressed that Harbour Helpers will continue to function the same way it always has. If someone needs services, they can contact the organization at 252-631-2412(home).

Volunteers are always welcome! Having a number of volunteers allows them to match the talent of the volunteer with the needs of the caller. They plan to keep the organization very much the same way Phyllis and John did and would like to have a social meeting of volunteers a few times a year. When asked what it was like to follow Phyllis and the extraordinary job she has done Cindy replied, “the impact that Phyllis has had is phenomenal and the love is endless. Through everything Phyllis has put into place along with the amazing willingness of the volunteers to help others in their community, Harbor Helpers will continue.”

In Fairfield Harbour, we are so fortunate that this organization exists and will continue under the capable leadership of Cindy and Alan.

If anyone wishes to volunteer with this very important organization, contact Cindy and Alan at 252-631-2412(H) or by email The group is also listed in the Fairfield Harbour directory.

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