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Pet of the Month: Dolly

Meet Dolly, a two-year-old female German Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Owner Christine Bryon answered some questions about Dolly so that you can get to know her better. And they sent in some great pics that show Dolly's wonderful personality!


How did Dolly come to be a part of your family?

We had a Griffin/Lab mix for 16 years, and when she died, all we could do was cry for two weeks. Subsequently, through many channels, someone got us in contact with a man who had her puppy litter, and it was ready to go to homes at 10 weeks. He only gives puppies to people who have lost their German Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and gives one puppy from each litter to a veteran. He lives in Ohio, so we literally drove the 10 or 12 hours up there to get her.

What led you to choose the name Dolly for her?

It means a gift from God

What are some stories you’d like to share about your Dolly?

Dolly is a very strong-willed character. She loves her friends, she loves getting into trouble, and she loves running in the woods. I came home from work one day after being on 7 1/2 hours exactly to find utter catastrophe in my house. I will try to re-create the events of the day that I was gone. Dolly decided to get the basket next to the fridge down so she could examine the contents. First she decided she would need the notepad and went through several pages and split it in half to find the proper page she could take notes on to find out what she was going to do all day while I was gone.

Then she decided to carefully peel back all of the days on my vitamin case and figured she needed to take all the vitamins, which included iron, calcium, baby aspirin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D three, and vitamin B 12. After feeling marvelous after taking all those vitamins, she decided to look at my 18-month calendar. She carefully examined each page and unclamped the old portion that I had already used. She examined every page so thoroughly that there was nothing left of it.

Then, she moved on to our financial retirement papers. After clipping them and examining them, she decided it was pretty boring; she had not touched the SEP checks I had already made out. After that, she decided to figure out what was in the two blue bottles of pills that were in my basket. One was a sedative she was supposed to take before going to the vet to calm her down and ensure she could handle things properly. She carefully opened that bottle up and emptied the contents into her stomach along with the other bottle of pills that I have absolutely no clue what was, but she opened them and consumed those as well.

Then she decided she needed to take her oxygen levels, but apparently, her toe wouldn't fit in it, or something was wrong with it, so she decided to take the batteries out. After retiring day of doing all of the above she decided to take my floss threaders and open them up and floss all of her brand new adult teeth; there were probably 25 packages she opened.

Dolly was very tired and bored at this point, so I took her for a walk. So, while on the walk, I saw little shiny red pieces on her legs. I pulled one off--she also ate a bag of Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops. What a hoot! So the following day, I went and bought a brand new schedule book. We went out to dinner at Smoke on the Water that night. I was gone an hour. Needless to say, she devoured and ripped apart the brand-new schedule book that I bought at Staples. I have realized now that Dolly only wants herself written on my schedule book and wants to be my personal secretary!

What are Dolly's favorite things?

Dolly loves to eat. Way too many treats are her favorite thing. She also likes her babies and her cat. Her best friends are Boatie and Toby. She loves running in the woods, and she is sweet on an Airedale named Pablo across the canal. She likes welcoming people that come into the house by playing peekaboo (coming up behind and going through their legs!).

Does Dolly have any funny quirks?

Every morning, she lays on her back and rolls when she gets out of bed. She likes doing somersaults and rolling over. She loves licking her cat's face every time she walks in the room and sees Flobird, her kitty, laying in the dog bed.

Anything else you'd like us to know about Dolly?

She’s a unique breed; you do not see many of them, especially in the south. Dolly loves to swim, and she jumps in the water or walks through puddles every chance she gets. She loves to kiss. She smiles and wags her tail when I come home and walk in the door. A gazillion times in her mouth, she just smiles. She’s a funny little dog, and I absolutely love her. She was supposed to weigh about 45 pounds, but I believe she’s currently tipping the scales at 76 pounds.

Thanks, Dolly, for letting us all get to you know you!

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