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NYRA Winter Series

Updated: Mar 8


Once again Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club proved that we do have serious sailors and that an old boat can beat the newer ones! Last year Rampant Lion, a 37' Tartan, won the Navigator Class of the NYRA Winter Series and this year Georgie Girl, a 34” Tartan, won.  Both boats represented FHYC.

Many of you have been following my updates on the NYRA 2023-2024 Winter Series that began back in October.  This year Georgie Girl, captained by John Jackson, represented

FHYC as the only boat from the club to compete in this winter series.  Her standings after the first 4 races put her in first place but by a slim margin.  The weather proved interesting to say the least.  Mother Nature decided to add a few wrinkles.  The 5th race was canceled because of heavy weather with temperatures in the 70's, thunderstorms and big winds.  The 6th race was canceled because the windchill was down in the lower 30's which could cause icing on the boat decks.  

The 7th and last race in the series, on February 3, was going to be the deciding race.  Would Georgie Girl be able to hold on to her 1st place overall standing?  The weather was in the 50's but felt much colder because of strong winds.  Georgie Girl's Captain John Jackson, helmsman  Russ Robinson and crew Dan Baker and Ritchie Thomson headed out late morning to meet their fate.  The one boat that was competing for first place, Methuselah, did not compete.  When all was said and done, Georgie Girl maintained her 1st place standing to win the Navigator Class for the NYRA 2023-2024 Winter Series.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Captain and Crew of Georgie Girl for a job well done.

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