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  • David Pfefferkorn

New FH Banner Program

Did you know that there are over 65 organized clubs, groups, activities available for residents here in Fairfield Harbour, but only FOUR (4) are currently represented with banners? The Enhancement Committee has proposed this NEW BANNER PROGRAM to allow your organization to become part of an expanded visual display of the diversity of activities available in the Harbour.

Previously only larger clubs were able to participate due to the high cost of their initial requirement of four sets of flags. The new minimum requirement is now only two (2), making a club’s initial investment now approximately around only $200!! (Banners and initial setup charges, etc.) All hardware will be provided by the POA, so the only requirement for any Club is the purchase of the banner(s).

For those clubs who have purchased more banners in the past, your inventory is still needed, but some may be recycled out due to wear and tear. The good news is that any additional investment will not be necessary for a long time.

Going forward, all banners will be fabricated by the same vendor and will use the same material.

Each banner will be double-sided so that it can be displayed on either side of a pole.

The proposed schedule for displaying banners will be:

Mid-Jan Mid-June Random of all banners*

Mid-June Mid-July American flags

Mid-July Mid-Nov Random of all banners*

Mid-Nov Mid-Jan Holiday banners

* The four clubs that have an existing supply will even out the field while the program grows. (Garden Club, Fishing Club, RV Club, Yacht Club)

The price is right, and now is the chance to show your colors and perhaps grow your organization.

Contact David Pfefferkorn, BOD Liaison @ (252) 229-7245 or

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