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Harbour Socials A Monthly Event

Enjoy your community at the monthly Harbour Socials

If you happen to be near Red Sail Park on the 3rd Friday of the month you might hear music as well as the laughter of people enjoying great food and conversation at the Harbour Socials. The potluck socials are held once a month as long as the weather stays warm. During the winter, the socials move inside to the Community Center. Anne Niles and Anita English are co-chairs of the event, which for many years was run by Penny Sullivan. Ann moved here from Connecticut in 2007 and Anita is a long-time resident in the Harbour having lived here 21 years.

The Harbour socials are open to all Fairfield Harbour residents, and participants are asked to bring a dish to share and BYOB. Table settings are provided. A recent addition to the socials has been music, which has been provided by the Middle-Class Blues, a band of local residents who play songs that are enjoyed by all.

Anita’s comment on the addition of music was “it makes it relaxing and makes people want to stay longer.” At the last social, people stayed around and enjoyed getting to know their neighbors as well as listening to the music. Ann and Anita both want to make the Harbour Socials more than “just food,” and plans for the future include music as well as other ideas such as board games.

Like everything else, the Pandemic closed down the socials for a while and both Ann and Anita hope the addition of music and holding the socials once a month will give them a “reboot,” encouraging residents to put the event on their calendar. It is a wonderful place to meet some new neighbors as well as catching up with old friends while eating good food and listening to music. The next Harbour Socials will be held August 19 at 5:30 pm and September 16 at 5:30 pm at Red Sail Park. See you there!

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