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Michael Tynan, an Executive Chef with business savvy and artistic flair

Executive Chef Michael Tynan

Michael Tynan has been an Executive Chef all his working life. Tynan understands his role as the executive chef requires making a profit for the restaurant he serves, and he must please his patrons with a delicious menu.

Tynan writes many of his own recipes and draws ideas from his international experiences. Creating a new recipe is an elaborate process for him. First comes the inspiration. He writes down his recipe idea. Next, it is crucial to run the cost analysis. If the recipe is too expensive for the profit margin of the restaurant, it is tossed. But if it meets the profit margin, he starts working on the flavor profile. Tynan believes the flavor profile should be pure, he does not believe in an overabundance of spices. Tynan trusts the food to project the flavor it is intended for. “I select fresh ingredients that are of superior quality. Then I can trust food to shine.”

The third key component of his recipe process is presentation. “The food must look beautiful on the plate because I believe we eat with our eyes first. It must be visually appealing – presentation is everything.”

When Tynan lays out the spices, and ingredients and examines the food flavors, his artsy side kicks in. He sees these in blended colors – that is his artistic palette. “When these colors blend together in my mind, I can feel the recipe in my gut, and I know it is right.”


Tynan grew up in Trenton, NJ. Knowing his calling, after high school he traveled to the west coast where he graduated from California Culinary School in San Francisco. His first stop after culinary school was in Florence, Italy. Here Tynan immersed himself in the Italian restaurant culture and studied under the famous chef Fabio Picchi at Cibreo Restaurant. At this point, his international flair was honed and embedded forever.

After Italy, Tynan returned to California and worked as an executive chef at various golf courses, hotels, and hospitals. Tynan settled down and got married. After 27 years of marriage, they had a son. But California did not fulfill his life goals, Tynan wanted a different lifestyle. He started looking around for another place to call home. His wife found New Bern, she looked at Persimmons Restaurant and showed Tynan photos. Tynan asked how many people live in New Bern – when the answer was 35,000, he knew this was the place he wanted to raise his family. They sold their small home in California for a nice profit and bought a comfortable home in Forest Run. Tynan now enjoys his man cave and the cornfield in the backyard.

“I love North Carolina. I am totally charmed by the people here; they are real and love to talk. I like to talk, too, so we click.”

Next Steps

“I take ownership of my role at the restaurant and care very much about the food. The biggest challenge here is to deliver consistent quality food,” says Tynan. He and Cathleen Vuich, the restaurant manager, work together when improving the menu and will take baby steps. Because The Pointe Restaurant is a public restaurant, it is important to grow the business.

Meet the team! Jack Vuich, Executive Chef Michael Tynan and Eric Cabingas.

Stop in The Pointe Restaurant, support your neighborhood restaurant, and experience Michael Tynan’s style. I believe you will be pleased to have such a talented and committed chef right here in Fairfield Harbour.

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