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MGA President and Vice President Golf Match Results

Updated: May 1, 2023

Proud President's Team Captain - David Lange.

On Wednesday, April 26th, the Men's Golf Association hosted the Match Play Challenge at Harbour Pointe Golf Club. The President's team, led by Captain and MGA President Dave Lange, won the competition against the Vice-President team, Captained by Paul Cormier. There were 18 points available, and the President's team won by a comfortable margin of 10.5 to 7.5. Members of the winning squad were: Dave Lange, Jim Robinson, Dave Fahrmeier, Mark Nolan, Jerry Kopec, Sean Mulhall, Charlie Henke, Dan Engelhaupt, Joe Pillow, Bruce Hice, Tom Caruso, and Mark Carmichael. Congratulations to the winning team Members. A total of 24 players participated in this competition. Special thanks to MGA Tournament Chairman Tom Caruso and all the players.

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