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Meet Rhonda Miller - POA Secretary

The role of POA Secretary is one of those behind the scenes jobs that garner little recognition; however, that suits Rhonda Miller just fine. She says she’s quiet and doesn’t like the attention. She didn’t have to campaign and run for election as the Directors do, but was appointed to the position, as is the Treasurer. Although the Secretary is required to attend all POA meetings, she has no vote. Yet the job is very critical to the Board.

The Secretary has an extensive list of responsibilities, including making meeting agendas, recording careful notes during all meetings, writing up the minutes and distributing them to Board members for approval, getting minutes to the Community Manager to be posted online, and writing up items for votes for Board members. She is also responsible for getting profiles for new committee members, handling election notices, getting resolutions signed and filed, signing in residents at the Annual Meeting, taking the Annual Meeting minutes, and administering the oath of office to new Board members. Rhonda agreed to take the job because she wanted the challenge and knew it would provide an opportunity to see what is happening in the community. It just one of the ways she serves Fairfield Harbour.

Rhonda grew up in Johnstown, PA, but left in 1974 when she got married. She earned a BA in Business Management in Wheeling, WV, before moving to several states because of her husband’s jobs. She has always worked in clerical jobs, including medical secretary, legal secretary, executive secretary, paralegal, cost accountant, and so forth. Her longest employment was 32 years at a coal-fired power plant in Pasadena, MD, where her Sr. Administrator duties included such things as payroll, petty cash, meeting minutes HR activities, and accounts payable, usually amounting to 10-12 hour days.

Rhonda has been married to Dan Dudley for 21 years and they have three children and nine grandchildren. They moved to Fairfield Harbour in 2015 and Rhonda has made her mark here ever since. She has always been involved in the community in a variety of ways, such as attending water aerobics classes, singing karaoke, participating in the Follies, and training to help others with their taxes through the VITA program. She is past secretary of Harbour Lights Players and current chair of FACTS. In her free time, she enjoys crafts and reading.

She was a typist at the Beacon for several years where I got to know her personally and saw what a truly dedicated and generous person she is. One example of her commitment was a time when she was in Myrtle Beach but was scheduled to type one afternoon. She drove all the way back to fulfill her typing commitment, then turned around and went right back to Myrtle Beach to continue her vacation. Even when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she tried her best to schedule typing on her good days so she wouldn’t have to miss. She is also one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know. It is not unusual for her to put a card in a brown box or show up on someone’s doorstep with a cake when an occasion calls for it—an illness, a birthday, a celebration, anything! She even loaned me her wig when I was ready to start chemo. In the Beacon office, one might find a couple of pieces of their favorite candy on their desk at a random time. One time we had been discussing the use of stainless steel straws and I mentioned that I’d like to get one. Voila! A couple of days later a packet of the straws was lying on my purse. Another time I borrowed Rhonda’s umbrella because of a pop-up rain storm. It was the kind that opens inside out to make it easier to get in your car. I commented that it was a great idea. The next day there was a similar umbrella sitting on my front porch. Note to self: Don’t ever tell Rhonda that you want something or she’ll go out and make it happen!

Rhonda hopes that residents will come together to make the golf course and The Pointe Restaurant profitable and enjoy the Harbour Club when it is completed. She is proud of the way this Board has been working with the allocation of funds to keep our dues down and of the attention to streamlining processes to make them more time and cost effective. For example, they are currently working on establishing an on-line billing process. Our community is very fortunate to have such a kind, generous, and dedicated person working voluntarily on our behalf, along with all the other dedicated and passionate Board members. Be sure to say thanks to any of the when you cross paths.

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