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  • Gayle Albertini

Marketing Harbour Pointe Golf Club

Harbour Pointe Golf Course is an “open to public golf course.” Golf courses are expensive to run, and successful golf courses understand that promoting and branding their golf course is essential for improving and expanding the business. Branding is a big reason they flourish.

Fairfield Harbour launched a marketing campaign to promote Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC). Effective golf course marketing is key to attracting more players to our course. It can build a loyal customer base and enhance our revenue stream. By utilizing a combination of digital and traditional advertising, we can increase visibility and distinguish HPGC from all other courses in the area.

Coming soon to the corner of Broad Creek Road and Highway 55.

The Fairfield Harbour property at the corner of Broad Creek Road and Highway 55 will sport a new billboard advertising Harbour Pointe Golf Club.

Print Promotion

Ads started running in various print publications in the New Bern area, promoting the membership drive and reciprocal play. Reciprocal play is an agreement between golf courses that allows their members to play one another's golf courses on an arranged basis. Make arrangements for tee time through your club’s golf pro.

Sign up now for your One Year Membership and Get Your First Month FREE!

Look how beautiful our golf course is! Julie and Rick Finlayson provided the incredible drone photography.

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